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Vote on Fan Submissions for Namlook Tribute

Update: 2013-07-01
The voting is now closed. Thanks for the massive support.

Over the last few weeks, we received hundreds of surveys, most of which voted on all of the tracks. We will need at least one week to compile all of the online votes with the spreadsheets we received over email.

You’re here for one reason…the 6-CD tribute to Pete Namlook. The first 3 CDs will contain tracks from FAX artists, and the remaining CDs will contain tracks from fans. Because we’ve received 94 93 tracks from fans, we need your votes in order to pare them down to what will fit on 3 CDs…roughly 26 tracks.

There is nearly 12 hours 11 hours and 35 minutes of music here, so of course most of you will not be able to listen to every track in its entirety. What we hope you can do is at least skim each track to get a feel for it. (Note that you can can skip ahead on Bandcamp by dragging the slider to the right while the track is playing.)

Obviously, this cannot be done in one sitting. So we are recommending you do not approach this as you would a standard web-based survey, which can typically be completed in one sitting, usually in 10-15 minutes. In addition, standard surveys draw on information you already have in your brain, and do not require you to gather external information (e.g., track preferences) before voting.

Instead, you should listen to the tracks at at your own pace, keep notes about the tracks, and when you have a final tally you wish to submit, you may do so on this page.

If you wish to use Excel/Numbers or another spreadsheet program to organize your notes while listening, we have provided CSV ( and Excel ( templates.

Because of the two-part nature of this process, we have no longer embedded the Bandcamp tracks into the page. If, however, you do wish to do have Bandcamp open while doing this survey, we recommend opening the link above in a separate browser window, parallel to this one. (In other words, resize this window to make it smaller, then open Bandcamp in a window next to this one so you can move back and forth easily.)

Having said that, here are some important points about voting.

As much as possible, focus on the music when voting. The artist and track names have been removed, so they shouldn’t be a factor.

Some artifacts can occur when streaming, so please try to ignore sound quality, within reason, when voting. Small glitches may only be artifacts, and if they’re not, they will be cleaned up during mastering.

In addition, the CDs will be mastered to a consistent volume level, so don’t be concerned that one track is “too quiet” or “too loud”. Just focus on the music itself.

You’ll be assigning each track one of 4 possible rankings:

  • Love it! (Awesome track, one of my favorites of the submissions)
  • Like it (Good track, I really like it, but not one of my favorites)
  • So-so… (OK track, take it or leave it)
  • Not my cup of tea. (This track doesn’t work for me.)

Some final words about voting…

  1. Do not hit SUBMIT for each vote, you should only hit SUBMIT when you have voted on all the tracks (or have provided all the votes you intend to submit).
  2. You can and should vote for your own work.
  3. Be a mensch and don’t just vote for your own work, LISTEN to the other tracks and vote on them all.
  4. Only vote once. We will log your IP address (SEE WIDGET BELOW. In fact, it would be a good idea for you to note the IP address from which you are submitting your votes. If you have concerns, email the IP address to us and we’ll look it up to be sure your votes were received.)IP Address Checker

  5. You can ask your friends/family/fans to vote for you, but as per #2, ask them to vote on all the tracks in the process. DO NOT publicly announce your codename in the process (emailing it is OK, but make clear to the recipients that they should not distribute your codename further). And as per #3, ask them to vote only once.
  6. We will not be showing a running tally of votes. We will, of course, show a final tally of votes, once the voting is finished.

IP logging will obviously that will not stop you from voting from every computer in your house, or every computer in a university computer lab, etc.

But do you really want to make it onto the CD portion of this compilation by cheating? If your answer is yes, you should really evaluate why you are making music in the first place. IP logging makes it a little more difficult to cheat, but only a little. More important is your own conscience. If you’re the kind of person who will manipulate the voting in order to make it onto the CDs, then there isn’t much that can be done to stop you. But at the end of the day, you have to live with your actions.

If you have any questions or problems, or find any typos or things that are unclear, please email ear.rational+gmail (change the plus to an ‘@’ and add .com to the end).


This survey is currently disabled.